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The article on topic  Sea water in swimming pool and free chlorine disinfecting an accessible reality now!!!

Sea water in swimming pool and free chlorine disinfecting an accessible reality now!!!

Water in a swimming pool "lives", as every day tests different kinds of loading: organic and inorganic substances inevitably get to it, arriving from environment, or are brought by the bathing. If to undertake nothing to prevent it in very fast time water becomes muddy because water not exposed to processing in pool represents the ideal environment for growth of bacteria and seaweed.

For this purpose, that stay in the pool would bring not only pleasure, but advantage it is necessary to give special attention to two very important to factors. The first - the system of disinfection of water in your pool should be as much as possible effective, maximal is safe and as much as possible reliable. The second - pool water should have treatment-and-prophylactic influence which is inherent only in sea water on an organism. How to make bathing in pool not only pleasant, but also useful? All of us it is known miracle influence of the sea on a human body. It both improvement of a metabolism and restoration of idle bronchial space and acceleration of updating of a blanket of a skin, in a consequence of improvement of blood circulation in capillaries, and as stimulation of immune system of the person, increase of resistibility of an organism, not speaking already about a huge charge of vivacity and energy.

We develop and patent in 18 countries of the world a preparation "Jodis-sea". Which, thanks to the unique formula, favorably influences a human body. Getting through a time, an active component "Jodis-sea" solves questions of strengthening of immunity of the person, struggles with diseases systems, does not irritate a mucous membrane of eyes and respiratory ways, does not suppose formation of surpluses of fat, provides skin health, puts in action the mechanism creating an optimistic spirit of an organism, contributing with it to the world and calmness.

"Jodis-sea" is a water complex of connections of iodine. It, mainly, includes in the structure and and is made on special technology at which properties of water to creation are realised. Difference from other widely used connections of iodine consists that in system "an iodine ion - water", in a classical situation, with or are formed on weak hydrogen communications, and in "Jodis-sea" on strong oxygen communications.

(weak hydrogen communications)

(strong oxygen communications)

It also explains its high biological activity, firmness at storage and heat treatment that proves to be true the researches executed "Institut fur Lebensmitteluntersuchung und-forschung Lebensmittelchemiker W.Hollert", (ILF-W.Hollert-Mexikoring 13 m - 22297 Hamburg, Federal Republic Germany).

So, if last weeks or months you have undergone to high physical activities, have immensely got tired of pressure, negative emotions do not give you rest, the dream does not bring sensation of restoration of forces, plunge in pool with sea water, will feel a beat of the sea, and you will understand, that you have got. To have a rest and taste pleasure of a life, it is not obligatory to go on the sea, nearby, it with you. Besides, pool with sea water - the invaluable help to sportsmen on struggle against traumas, grazes, a pain.

Today to feel "beat of the sea" became possible and in city conditions far enough kept away from the sea as pleasant (slightly iodic) aroma of the sea soars in pool. The new, author's technology of processing of water is based by iodine ions on use of a preparation "Jodis-sea" which is periodically added in water in pool.

This technology of processing of water iodine ions allows us to simulate in each pool practically any sea of a planet.

Use of the author's program "Jodis-sea" allows to solve a question of effective disinfecting of water in pool with giving to it of curative properties of sea water.


In connection with huge quantity wishing to translate the pool in a mode of sea presence, the company performs works on preliminary record. To be registered it is possible to [email protected] address or directly on a site

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